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FLYNX has been inspired in the Iberian Lynx, elegant, agile & clever animal, that in attitude and movement very much resembles the flowing and elegant movements of a top performing athlete in action. FLYNX is born on the accumulated experience of ONDA BIKEWEAR and in the close contact and bonding with top level athletes, allowing to bring the balance between technology, performance, comfort and design to a next level, with a customized offer to clubs and athletes, expecting more than just a clothing piece, expecting that extra spark leading to exceed and glory. Everything you’ve always dream in your sport gear is in FKYNX – Wearable customized performance for teams, for single riders and for passionate people!

3 Decades of Experience in Cycling & Triathlon

Our Athletes, Teams and Federations

FLYNX is the official sponsor of the Boavista Radio Popular Team, the Portuguese Cycling Federation and the Portuguese Triathlon Federation. These partnerships are behind the inputs and knowledge which we use in our product engineering and development process. Olympic Riders like Nelson Oliveira, Rui Costa, Vanessa Fernandes, João Pereira, João Silva or Rui Sousa are frequently providing feedback and inputs to our development team.

Rui Sousa
"Um ciclista tem como referencias máximas, ao nível dos seus instrumentos de trabalho, a bicicleta e os equipamentos que utiliza. Nos anos que estou, na equipa RP-Boavista, foi possível verificar a qualidade, o corte e o conforto que os equipamentos Onda transmitem."

Technologies For Extreme Performance

We know the importance of having technical criteria and objective measurement of properties, when it comes to fabrics and accessories selection for a sport gear. At FLYNX we go in detail when it comes to measuring and controlling the critical parameters for the final product performance in a real competing scenario.

We take very seriously moisture management, breathability, lightness, elasticity or fast drying time during sports activity. For that, we use the most advanced technologies for measuring fabrics and accessories’ performance in all our cycling and triathlon gear.

Testing and validation technologies such as the MMT, evaporative resistance measurements or thermography give us the precise technical information which is needed for a smart selection of fabrics, paddings and accessories towards a maximum performance level, even in extreme competing situations.

Prof. José Santos
"Ao longo da ultima década as diversas equipas do Boavista correram com equipamentos Onda. Neste período, foi possível verificar os avanços tecnológicos a evolução e o nivel dos produtos utilizados . É uma grande satisfação para nós, contarmos com o apoio de uma tecnologia vanguardista, que nos permite estar ao nível das melhores equipas do mundo."

Excellence in Manufacturing

We are sports apparel manufacturers for more than 30 years. By integrating all the production stages at our own industrial facilities, by being specialists in sports apparel and having a very long track record in both triathlon and cycling, is the guarantee you need to be sure that when it comes to fitting, design and performance, nothing is left by chance. We don’t depend on others and we don’t bring products from abroad just to customize locally. We produce everything we offer and we offer a customized team wear service adaptable for all needs.

Customized Team Wear

Customized Team Wear in five Steps

(Coming Soon)

  • 1.
    Select your sport
    (Triathlon or Cycling)

  • 2.
    Select the type of products,
    materials and accessories

  • 3.
    Select colors and upload
    the artworks

  • 4.
    Validate the design proposal
    and commercial offer

  • 5.
    Confirm your order

We offer local support for teams in the field:

In Germany, France and Portugal, you can contact our selling riders team, and they will support you and guide you through the material selection, customization and order process, so you can make the best options for your riders, leaving nothing by chance!


    Posted 00/00/2017

    FLYNX will be the official sponsor for this first competition of the 2017 season, which will hit the road between February 15th and 19th in the Algarve region. The yellow, white, blue and red jersey which will highlight the different leaders along the run, all belonging to top level clubs worldwide.

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    Posted 00/00/2017

    The European Triathlon Cup in Quarteira, April 2nd and 3rd, will be the kick of our products within the Triathlon scenery. An excellent opportunity to see the national triathlon team in action, wearing FLYNX for the first time.

  • gallery 3
    Posted 00/00/2017

    Bessa Século XX1 Stadium auditorium was the stage for the presentation of the cycling professional team of Rádio Popular BOAVISTA, last February 3rd. FLYNX is a sponsoring partner, providing also all the competition team wear to this emblematic team, which is the oldest cycling Portuguese team still in competition. Having the experienced Rui Sousa, as team leader, and under the technical leadership of Professor José Santos, the RP Boavista team gathers also names as João Benta, Filipe Cardoso and Domingos Gonçalves, as well as a relevant group of young promising cyclist like Luis Gomes, Xuban Errazquin, Daniel Sanches, David Rodrigues, Vitor Etxebarria, Pablo Guerrero and Ricardo Vale. This season, RP Boavista will have within its competition calendar relevant races such as Volta ao Algarve, Volta a Portugal, Volta ao Alentejo, Circuit des Ardennes and Vuelta a Astúrias.

  • gallery 4
    Posted 00/00/2017

    Four different colors point the different leaders along this race: Individual General – Yellow; Turismo do Algarve; General score – Red Cofidis; General climbing score; – Blue Liberty Seguros; Youth general score – White Sicasal. But FLYNX’s Jersey are not only about colours…FLYNX’s Jerseys developed and produced for this race are based in a light material, with a 100 gr/sqm weight, but providing a very good UV protection (UPF 25) and an excellent moisture management capacity, thanks to the framed knitted structure, which ensures good wicking properties (fast absorption and quick dry). Fiber wise, the balance between polyester, polyamide, elastane and carbon, brings a perfect commitment between comfort (breathability) and performance, allowing a great elasticity to the jersey. This material also guarantees excellent heat dissipation capacity and good antibacterial effect thanks to the carbon yarns used in the knitting structure.


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